The knowledge of figures; fairly structured, calm and patient in ways of working. 

What strikes a chord when you combine structures and patience? Leather goods it is! A craft that requires patterning and persistence to make.

    This thoughtful approach prompts the biggest motivation for Fetson. That’s what we are - structured & figured. This pre-determines our appeal for geometric patterns in crafting.We took the path less travelled when we decided to incorporate geometrics in leather. This passion for crafting with geometrics brings out products that drive exceptional individual taste. 

Unique Aesthetics 

      Caramelised leather colours fused with grey wool felt make a rather dynamic combination for our product line. Technical functionalities are what we definitely get hung up on. A mixture of aesthetics and functions. To provide for travellers and professionals, functionality and durability drives our inspirations for the products we strive to create. 


      Founded in 2020 centered around a love for Pakistan Leather Industry. With exceptional craftsmanship that still remains untapped. Supporting native artisans whose craftsmanship is second to none! Our influences are also spirited in heirlooms and heritage. Continuing to draw from our inspirations and influences with power, patience and traditional craftwork for each and every product that’s made to last generations.  

Our Promise 

      Sourced from almost 800 tanneries across the country who have been supplying many decades. Such leather guarantees top-notch quality and longevity finished by finesse all done at hand. Our promise lies in the sole roots of development of the local industry contributing to building competitiveness and bringing forward products that give a long lasting touch and finish.