How to Make Leather Products Last a Lifetime

Leather is such a durable material that goods that are made from it can be passed down for generations to come if taken care of properly. The quality of leather requires three levels of care. It requires basic maintenance and repair, appropriate storing when it's not in use, and preventative care. Your leather wallets, jackets, bags, and even shoes need care and can sometimes prove to be tricky and require a lot of patience in order to enjoy them for years to come. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you retain the quality of your leather goods to keep it just as it was when you first took it out of its packaging. 

      Before divulging a few care tips, it is important to understand that your leather product is bound to develop a slight sheen and look almost marbled in character as it ages. That is the aging process called “Patina”. Patina is the ultimate goal of your leather products, similar to the idea of a bottle of aged wine. It can be accomplished if the goods are well kept and maintained over their lifetime.

The Basics:
  • With a dry cloth give a quick wipe to your product at least once a week

  • Try to rotate your leather products and pick a different one, once in a while so one doesn't age more than the other.

  • Just like vampires, direct sunlight can hurt your leather products. Try to limit sunlight exposure as much as you can.

  • Just like your hair needs conditioning so does your leather. Invest in a good leather cream and gently rub over your leather products.


    Storing Your Leather: 
    • Store your leather products in a pillowcase or a dust bag in an upright position

    • To keep the shape of your leather bags or laptop covers keep butter paper or clean clothes so it withholds its shape

    • To keep the bad odour from your leather use dryer sheets or a home remedy of baking soda in a bag inside your product


    Preventative Measures:
    • Mink Oil is magic for your leather products. Leave a little on your products after a gentle massage and wipe after 10 minutes and let dry in the open air

    • Avoid using your perfumes, baby wipes, or wet tissues on your products

    • Avoid keeping your leather with your denim. This can cause color transfer and stains

    • Protect your leather with leather creams that are easily available in stores and online.


    Removing Leather Stains:
    • Accidentally dropped a glass of water on your leather? Avoid wiping it off with a fabric or tissue. Let it air dry on its own 

    • For food stains, use crushed up white chalk and leave it overnight. Brush in the morning and your stain would be gone

    • For oil stains, it's best to cover it up with cornstarch quickly and rub it in. Then immediately remove it with a clean cloth 

    • For ink stains when we forget to close the cap on our pens, use a white eraser lightly on the area.